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We are Organic, Cruelty-free, Made in the UK

Our products are formulated to offer a clean, safe and effective aluminium, paraben and sulphates-free formula to neutralise body odour and keep your skin hydrated with a natural glow.

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Why Go All Natural?

Our Mission.

Our mission is to take a natural approach to skincare and offer products that care for your skin and mother Earth. We make naturally effective, ethical and sustainable products without any harmful ingredients in the UK.

Zero Waste

Our products come in a durable, fully recyclable packaging. The lining of the deodorant balm aluminium tins has a low moisture transition rate and protects the product inside from reactive elements in the air, helping to reduce perishability, keeping your balm fresher for longer.

Effective & Efficient.

Our deodorant balms and Organic Lotion Bars are actually good for you and they also provide additional benefits to your health! Our 100% natural ingredients are moisturising, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and soothing!