Synthetic Fragrance VS Essential Oils

Let's talk about Synthetic Fragrance & Essential Oils

Do you wear a perfume?

Have you asked yourself what’s in it? 

You might not know but your perfume is a synthetic fragrance. The synthetic compounds are irritating to the skin and can cause many other potentially serious health problems.

They also contain hormone disruptors which are linked to abnormal cell reproduction and may result in tumour growth. 

We can help you make your switch to a more natural lifestyle so why don’t you start by using our 100% Natural Deodorant Balms with a blend of essential oils.

Natural deodorants are a great option for anyone who wishes to avoid the synthetic ingredients founds in perfumes and antiperspirants. They are not just effective but also much more eco – friendly.

Our essential oils are derived from plants and don’t have any synthetic chemicals. The scent won’t be as strong as you perfume but it is natural and doesn’t have harmful ingredients. Using natural deodorant will keep the unpleasant underarm odour at bay. Our deodorant balms do not affect the natural sweat physiology and are less invasive than perfumes and antiperspirants.

If you are looking for something that a safe, natural and free from undesirable ingredients , that is regarded as safer and kinder to your skin, then the Go All Natural Deodorant Balms are what you will want to use. Try them and you won’t regret!